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Empowering Lifters: The Journey with UKIPL

PowerliftingUKIPL (UKIPL) is a distinguished affiliate of the International Powerlifting League (IPL), a leading powerlifting organisation recognised in numerous countries worldwide. Embracing the IPL’s mission, UKIPL provides a world-class international platform and governance for affiliates across the globe, particularly within the UK.

Under the aegis of the IPL, UKIPL is instrumental in organising international powerlifting competitions in the UK, alongside managing International Referees, local affiliates, and World Records in accordance with IPL’s high standards. We commit to offering both tested and non-tested powerlifting contests of uniform excellence, accessible to all athletes meeting our membership criteria.

As a proud affiliate of the premier IPL federation—a federation established by lifters for lifters—UKIPL is dedicated to ensuring that powerlifters, from beginners to elite, are given the opportunity to showcase their hard work in a safe, competitive environment. Participating in a UKIPL event means being part of an organisation that leads in the powerlifting community: “We Are the Leader,” in partnership with the IPL.

World Champion
Irish Pro Invitational Champion
BodyPower Champion
British Finals Champion
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Dayle Longford

UKIPL President
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What are the main differences between Powerlifting and Weightlifting?

Powerlifting, different from weightlifting’s Snatch and Clean-and-Jerk, includes Squat, Bench Press, and Deadlift. Lifters, sorted by sex, age, and weight, compete for the highest total.

UKIPL – an approved affiliate of the IPL

The UK International Powerlifting League (UKIPL) is a leading powerlifting organisation. It is the mission of the UKIPL to provide a world-class international platform, and governing body across the globe.

The UK Powerlifting League is a direct affiliate to IPL. The UKIPL is owned and operated by Dayle Longford.

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